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About Us

Shenzhen Kangewei Electronics Co., Ltd. is a new type of enterprise specializing in PCB design, PCB production and Assembly. With support of our clients and  efforts of all employees, the company has grown rapidly. We use the  advanced production equipments  for our production,and control the process strickly by  IS09001 quality management system. In order to meet more requirements of our clients, our company cost much money to train the engineers and sales person,now,our company can development the electronic products according to your requirement(include the software),and our sales may can give you some sales suggestion according the market data to help you increase the sales of your new product.
At the moment,we can produce the single,double and multy  layers PCB more than 10000 square meters per month,these PCB are widely used in communication, IT, industrial control, medical equipment and so on. 
As one of the earlies PCB Manufacturers in Shenzhen,we are proud of doing some contributions to the development of high-tech products in Shenzhen. Therefore, our company has won the trust of customers and established long-term cooperation with many well-known enterprises in the fields of communication and high-frequency circuits. 
Quality decide our whether we can alive in this industry,reputation decide whether we can become better and stronger in this industry,this is our company culture,it means the quality for us is everything. 
Most of the company have the R&D department, production department,QC department and sales department,but our company have extra two special quality inspection departments(the salary are 2 times of the QC), one is for our PCB,if any bad PCB found in client's hand,then all PCB require to re produce,and all fee need to pay by this inspection department,another one is special for PCBA,them must do power-on test for the PCBA before ship out to clients  even the clients have can,t provide the test equipment. We called it HPFQC.
If you looking for a good PCB Manufacturer,or a PCB Assembly factory,Shenzhen Kangewei Electronic would be your perfect partner. You are welcome to contact us if anythings we can do for you!